In the first episode of the RFCPodcast, Chris and John talk about why they started this concept, where it came from, and the importance of keeping your goals in mind at every point of your career.


  • Who we are
  • What we do
  • What we’re going to talk about this episode: ‘Why this podcast’

What have we been up to

  • Chris
    • Working on updates to the EDD Software Licensing
    • Post Promoter Pro 2.3 roadmapping
    • Setting up
  • John
    • Install Ninjas
    • Career Videos
    • Health

Why this podcast

  • What’s the aim
  • 99% of the time you have a career, not a home run
  • How we came up with the concept
  • Why it’s important to stay connected
  • Where is your career going?

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