In episode 4 of the RFC Podcast, Chris and John talk about some interesting takes on using social media to stay connected to your community, as well as other methods they make sure not to feel isolated. Some of the topics include how Social Media can affect your happiness, how working remotely can make it easy to feel alone (even when you’re part of a team), and ways you can make sure you are always connected to people smarter than you are, in your field.


Some of the sites and articles mentioned:

What We’re Reading:

Chris and John are both currently reading Marking for Developers by Justin Jackson

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2 comments on “Episode 4 – Where’s the community?

  1. I’ve really been enjoying the show, and boy do I feel the pain of Facebook not showing you posts from people you actually WANT to see stuff from. I’m going to put some thought into pairing down my friends list as well as there is so much on there I just do not care to actually see.

    Great discussion on communities as well. I’d like to start branching out a little more myself once my son is a little older. It’s just hard to get out there and meet up with people with a child who still isn’t a toddler just yet.

    Just wanted to say again I’ve really been enjoying the show and to keep up the great work.

    • Thanks Jason!

      Yeah kids make the “community” part really difficult. Not only does it strain the parents relationship but it’s hard for the younger kids to know why we are leaving. Hopefully he understands when he gets older ?

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