In Episode 5 of the RFC Podcast, John and Chris welcome Colyn Brown, a talented web developer and UI expert who tells his developer origin story, leading up to his current role as the head of UX. Throughout his career he’s had to adapt and learn to new technologies and languages, much like any developer. Where the trio expands is the importance of knowing when your ROI is taking a hit, or when it’s time to move on and use a more proven method.

This episode runs a little longer than our normal episodes, but I guarantee you will not be disappointed.


  • John

What have we been up to:

  • Colyn
  • Chris
    • EDD 2.5 Beta 1
    • Python with Home Assistant (
    • for Post Promoter Pro
  • John
    • Python Automation Scripts
    • Pen Testing an internal app written in Rails
    • Gearing up for the holiday party

Learning as delevopers

  • Calypso editor for WordPress
  • WordCamp US – State of the Word and the Homework to learn Javascript deeply
  • chasing shiny objects vs getting things done
  • continuing education
  • investing in yourself and your career

What are you reading?:

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