After a bit of absence due to the holidays and some family time, Chris and John are back, this time discussing the age-old conflict of Build versus Buy. When do you build your tools from scratch, and when do you purchase a pre-built solution to handle your needs. As developers we often quickly jump to building as a cheaper option but our instincts can sometimes deceive us.


Show notes:

What we’ve been doing (sorry for the absence)


  • EDD 2.5 Released (and 2.5.1-2.5.6)
  • EDD Recurring 2.4 Work
  • 1 Week in Kansas with other co-lead
  • Built a dashboard for my everyday work life to help with managing my tasks


  • Web Hosts Ranked
  • Annual planning
  • Internet Outlaw Video planning


Build vs Buy

  • Why is this even a question
    • Sometimes building is good
    • Sometimes building is not a good ROI
    • Sometimes it doesn’t exist
  • The argument for building
  • The argument for buying
  • How the hacker mentality can deceive you into building


Links to products mentioned



  • Chris
    • We Make Beer: Inside the spirit and Artistry of America’s craft brewers by Sean Lewis
    • The Enemy Within: Actions that self-destruct companies, customer service and jobs by Richard W Buchanan
  • John
    • Post Office: A Novel by Charles Bukowski
    • Web Penetration Testing with Kali Linux – Second Edition by Juned Ahmed Ansar

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